Syrian refugees in Lebanon: ‘After corona, there’s no food anymore'

Jun 21, 2020

Lebanon is currently the home to some 900,000 refugees who have fled Syria’s bloody civil war. But after Lebanon’s economy crashed late last year and the country was hit by the coronavirus crisis, the refugees are struggling even more to put food on the table. FRANCE 24’s Leila Molana Allen reports ahead of World Refugee Day.

Eight years ago, Aisha, a Syrian refugee, arrived in Lebanon with her husband and children to escape the horrors of their homeland. They built a small house in Bekaa Valley, and the family finally felt safe.

German Foreign Office: Syria Unsafe for Refugees

Jun 16, 2020

The German Federal Foreign Office said Syria remains an unsafe place for refugees due to the crackdowns perpetrated by the incumbent regime and its affiliated militias.

In a Thursday statement, the German Foreign Office said the security turmoil in Syria poses serious threats to the lives of refugees, citing violations committed by pro-government militias at checkpoints set upacross the country, and the uncontrolled circulation of weapons deployed “mercilessly” by these militias and intelligence officers against people in Syria.

Kirkuk faces other Sunni governorates' fate: Sectarianism, killing, displacement

Oct 23, 2017

From: Baghdad Post