Iranian militia kills four members of one family in E. Aleppo

Mar 24, 2021

Iranian militiamen reportedly killed a father, mother and two of their children in countryside in eastern Aleppo countryside on Tuesday (March 23).

A report on the Al-Khabur news site reported that the victims were searching for truffles in the vicinity of the village of Al-Mohsen south of the town of Maskana in eastern Aleppo when they were shot and killed by the Iranian militias.

The victims were identified as 52-year-old Muhammad Al-Abed, his 44-year-old wife Raghad, and their two unnamed children, a son aged 19 and a daughter aged 26.

The militias, backed by Iran’s regime, including the so-called Baqer Brigade, have been operating in Maskana area where they’ve taken over a number of regime military and security installations, with locals reporting frequent shootings at and murder of civilians with a sectarian motive.

It should be noted that all the rural areas under the control of Assad’s forces and their allies, especially in the countryside of the eastern governorates, have been subjected to attacks by armed men affiliated with the Iranian militias, resulting in the random killings of many local people, while many others have been wounded or are ‘missing’, with the militias also looting, robbing and vandalizing victims’ property.

Report and photo from S.N.N.
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