Five injured in gunfight between Hezbollah and Assad regime intelligence members in Damascus countryside: report

Feb 15, 2021

Fighting reportedly broke out on Sunday (February 14) between members of the Lebanese Hezbollah militia and personnel from the Assad regime’s infamous Air Force Intelligence Directorate (AFID) in rural Damascus province.

According to news site SY24’s correspondent in the area, “The town of Al-Ghasoula, near Damascus International Airport in the countryside of Damascus, saw clashes using automatic weapons between groups of Hezbollah militia and the Air Force Intelligence branch."

The reporter explained, "The fighting began as a dispute between a militia member and another guy from the intelligence services, but the row escalated into an intense exchange of fire after the intervention of groups from both sides."

The clashes, which lasted for about half an hour, resulted in the injury of at least five of those involved from both the Hezbollah militants affiliated with the Iranian regime’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and the Assad regime’s AFID personnel.

“The clashes ended after a meeting between the party officials in the area and an officer from the Air Force Intelligence," said the SY24 reporter.

The area of Al-Ghasoula, adjacent to Damascus International Airport, where the Lebanese Hezbollah militia and other IRGC-affiliated forces are based, is considered one of the most prominent local areas for the Iranian militias where they store various weapons and military equipment.

On January 11, SY24’s correspondent in the area told the news site that Iran’s militias had “sealed off about five kilometers of agricultural land in Al-Ghsoula area, and brought in heavy machinery used for excavation with the aim of digging a huge tunnel there, to be used later to store advanced weapons and position modern heavy equipment equipped with radars.”

Iranian militias are spread throughout many Syrian provinces, imposing absolute control over vast areas of Aleppo, Deir Ezzor and Damascus, and taking over a large number of buildings to use as security and military headquarters, in addition to weapons stores and training camps, which Israel is bombing continuously.

Original report (in Arabic) published by SY24 on February 15, 2021: