The Caesar Act and a Pathway Out of Conflict in Syria

By Steven Heydemann, Brookings Institution

On June 17, the most wide-ranging U.S. sanctions ever applied against Syria went into effect. The Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act, passed into law as part of the most recent National Defense Authorization Act, dramatically expands the authority of the U.S. government to sanction businesses, individuals, and government institutions for economic activities that support the Assad regime’s ability to wage war.

Russia Takes Palmyra Airbase From Assad Regime: Report

Jun 16, 2020

Military sources told Zaman al-Wasl that Russia has taken full control of Palmyra Military Airbase in the Syrian desert from regime forces, making it the fifth Russian military base in Syria.

A Russian military delegation took official control of the airport at a meeting with a delegation of Assad regime officials headed by the commander of the 22nd Air Force Brigade, Maj. Gen Tawfiq Muhammad Khaddour in early June. The airport has now been evacuated from all Iranian presence and from all regime-related military and logistical forces, a private source said.

Regime detains more protesters as demonstrations continue in Al-Suwayda

Jun 16, 2020

The number of civilians detained by the regime's security branches in Suwayda, southern Syria increased on Monday (June 15), with more being detained over their participation in popular demonstrations calling for the fall of the Assad regime.

According to a report from the website Suwayda 24, "The Assad regime arrested eight people today, who are Salman Faraj, Abdul Rahman Brik, Rowad Sadiq, Bashar Tarabiya, Hussam Mazhar, Safwan Obaid, Nasser Azzam,a' and Ihsan Muhammad."

Has Assad Really Liberated East Ghouta? - Ahmad Dimashqi

The Assads' pictures at the entrance to a children's playground  in Douma

"All the terrorists have left Douma, the last of their strongholds in eastern Ghouta," announced the official state-run Syrian news agency SANA in 2018, quoting an army spokesperson, who used the term “terrorists” in the regime way to refer to rebels and dissidents. Eastern Ghouta had been "completely eradicated of terrorism," added the spokesman in a statement broadcast on television.

The reality is very different; according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the heavy fighting and devastating bombing in Douma killed more than 1,700 civilians.

How Noam Chomsky Betrayed the Syrian People

Apr 06, 2016

Though Chomsky and the wider left might not appreciate this, the part they are playing in Syria’s counter-revolution is discrediting leftism. In this way, their actions are comparable to those “socialists” who destroyed the left for generations because of a blind loyalty to the nightmare of Stalinism.

US Establishing Airbases in Rojava: Source

Mar 06, 2016

Washington continues its support for Assad's PYD allies with the construction of two military airbases in Syrian Kurdistan (commonly referred to as Rojava)

Interview: Media focus on Daesh, "forget" Assad regime's crimes, says RBSS founder

Jan 06, 2016

"Some media outlets are trying to cover the area under ISIL [control] but forget to report about the Syrian regime. They also don't show any coverage of the FSA or other groups. Several media outlets just focus on ISIL."

Notes from a Palestinian Family in the Country of Resistance

Jan 06, 2016

By AlBassel Tadros

When the protests started in Syria, the Palestinians watched on silently. Their silence soon turned into a rage as they watched the regime shell and besiege all places which stood in opposition to its tyranny, even Palestinian refugee camps. It was as if they were thrown back in time over six decades, faced again with displacement and the death boats toward Europe, this time with the Syrians.

YPG-affiliated alliance dissolves Raqqa tribal force

Jan 05, 2016

The Kurdish alliance stresses that its main goal is to fight ISIS, while its second, more vague, objective is to build a “democratic Syria.” So far, it has made no mention of fighting Bashar al-Assad’s forces.

Regime-inflicted famine in Madaya continues to claim victims

Jan 05, 2016

Forty thousand people living in the Syrian town of Madaya in Damascus province are reportedly dying from starvation as the world watches in complicit silence, say activists.

The small town, located in the Qalamoun mountain range 40km south of Damascus in an area adjacent to the Lebanese border, has been besieged since July 2015 by Assad's forces, backed by mercenaries from the Tehran-backed Hezbollah militia, who continue to prevent any food or humanitarian aid from reaching residents. .